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Year Name Members  Chair
1972 Sensational Six Daniel Dunn, Kenneth Whitehead , James Anderson, Joseph Carey, James Miller and Reginald Gooden Charles Finley
1974 Magnificent Four Michael Love, William House, Fletcher Johnson, and Christopher Lee Daniel Dunn
1975 Fever* Eugene Spellman, Clyde McCutcheon, Sanford Morgan and Jerome Ross Lawrence Everette
1976 Fantastic Four David Stone*, William Payne, Andrew Brown Sr., and St James Chambers Jerome Ross
1977 Unity Phillip Corpening, Alvin Edwards, Wayne Soloman and James Fox  
1979 Psychotix Psyix Stewart Alston, Pierre Ames, J Russell Holmes,*, James Porter*, Demetri Kornegay*, and Everette Brown Lawrence Everette
1980 Blues Brothers* Wadell Smothers, Wendall Riley, William Carter, Joseph Holmes, Allen Iverson, Joseph Courtney, John Charles Thomas*, Gregory Britt, Thomas Shelton, Charles Smith, Royce Hart* and Michael Clark  
1981 Mad-Adors Herbert "Pete" Mitchell,* Ike Oliver, Roger Gregory*, Carl Cameron*, George Long Bey*, and Ade Cole  
1982 Determined Six Andalo Brunson Jr*., George "Donnie" Holmes, Kevin Singleton*, Early Reese, Alex Courtney and Charles Flowers Roger Gregory
1983 Dynamic Duo* Jerome Jackson and William "Buck" Harris Jr Randolph Shelton
1987 Trinity* Rickie Hopkins, Paul Carter II and Alton 'Jay' Crenshaw Randolph Shelton
1987 Two Awesome* Raymond Fitts and Gary Woodson Jerome Jackson
1989 Connect Six* Wayne McMillan, Willie King, William Moses, James Cooper, Victor Herbert, and Terry Debnam Andalo Brunson Jr
1990 The Last Eleven* Richard Smith, Michael Bigby, George Goldsborough, Calvin Jamison, Theodore Thornton, Christopher Yates,
James Clark , Eric Armstrong, Joshua Benjamin III(VCU), George Anderton(VCU) and Tony Ferrell(VCU)
Lamar Williams
1991 Revenge of the Nerds Clinton V. Turner, Ronald Abernathy* and John Crandall Lamar Williams
1999   Tony Jones* 'Lone Ranger',  Curtis Miles*, Tony Pham*, Marquel Jones, Andrew Brown, Khary Adams, Carlos Palmer and Steve George Joseph Miller and Charles Finley
2002 The Chosen Few* James Shackleford, Warren Goldsborough and Kenneth Fleming Greg Parham and Fred E. Shuford Jr.
2003 Chaotix Mix* Benson Macon 'Mind Killer' and Greg Gunn 'Uncertain' Greg Parham
2003 Stand Alone Gary Watts Greg Parham
2005 Bullet Proof Irvin Fortenberry Jr. Greg Parham and Gary Watts
2006 Against All Odds* Daniel J. Bryan Jr. 'Terrorist' and Ajanon Wills 'Senile' Greg Parham
2007 Confusion* Jeffrey Tarpley 'Kinetic' Greg Parham
2007 On The Edge Anthony Elliott 'Above Ground' and Curren Shorte 'H20' Edward West and Greg Parham
2008 BAQ For Da 1st Time* Matthew Peanort II Anthony Elliott
2010 Damaged Goods* Ronald Bell Jr. 'Hawkeye', Melvin F. Shearin II 'Radar', and Dwayne Randolph  'Smokey Bones' Jeffrey Tarpley and Anthony Elliott
2011 Total Rehab* Winfield Edwards 'Headbanger', Jerome Hamlette 'Tailbone', Jerome 'Jay' Owens 'Hypochondriac' and Michael Walker 'Achilles' Ronald Bell Jr.
2013 Buy The Book* Karlos O. Johnson 'ManiQ' and Daren Exum 'The Variable If X=2' Ronald Bell Jr.
2015 The Sequel(The Saga Continues)* Bernard Heyward 'All In', George Williams Jr. 'Rock Steady' and Dexter Cannon 'Quecified' Karlos Johnson and Franklin Dunn
2016 Trilogy The Final Chapter* Miguel Johnson 'Blackowt', Alex Deas Jr. 'Take2', James Hunter III 'Quiet Storm', Aaron McNair '4titude' and Robert Brown Jr. 'Showtime' Karlos Johnson and Franklin Dunn
2016 A Tail of
Two Cities
Quinton Hill 'ShoQ & Awe' and Brandon Robinson 'Fine Tuned' Bernard Heyward and George Williams Jr.
2018 The Matrix Revised* John Rivers 'Sling Blade',  Kevin Poindexter 'Moving On Up', Madrice Hamn 'Platoon', Barry Beck 'Thing' and Chaddrick Chappell 'Rain Man' Kevin Jackson and Gregory Lewis
Picture *
Omega Chapter

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