Clothed With The Amour Of Our Brotherhood, Strengthened By Our Manhood, Affirmed By Our Scholarship, Solidified By Our Perseverance,
and Uplifted By Our Principles "Be Involved,  Be Accountable,  Be Quemitted!!!

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Michael Swain Basileus
Stephen Wilson Vice Basileus
Miguel Johnson Keeper of Records and Seal
DeWayne Randolph Assistant Keeper of Records and Seal
Robert Brown Jr.  Keeper of Finance
Roderick Walker  Assistant Keeper of Finance 
Quinton Hill Keeper of Peace
Patrick Patrong Chaplain
Miguel Johnson Chapter Newsletter Editor
Ray Buckner Second Vice Basileus
Michael Edwards Achievement Week Chairman
Miguel Johnson By-Laws Chairman
Donald Bentley Fundraising Chairman
Joseph Miller Website Chairman
Daren Exum Pan Hellenic Council Chairman
David Stone Scholarship Chairman
James Hunter Social Action Chairman
Timothy Brown Meeting Host Chairman
William Hill Membership Selection Program (MSP) Chairman
Robert Lester Reclamations Chairman
Theodore Braggs VREM Chairman/Third District Subcommittee
Michael Edwards Recommendations Chairman
Freager Sanders III Scholarship Foundation Chairman
Warren Goldsborough Talent Hunt Chairman
George Goldsborough. Social Chairman
Michael Edwards Social Action Chapter of the Year Submission Chairman
Michael Edwards Chapter of the Year Submission Chairman
Franklin Dunn Third District Central Area 1 Supervisor
Mike Harris Third District Central Area 1 MSP Chairman
Bernard Heyward Graduate Advisor to Phi Delta Chapter 
Patrick Patrong Omega Youth Academy 
James Clark Housing Chairman
Jeffrey Tarpley Immediate Past Basileus

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